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DigiBooster 3.1 is available on CD-ROM and as download-version.

DigiBooster 3 follows the traditional tracker's way of making music with an advanced audio processing engine, and an up-to-date MUI based graphical user interface. It retains backward compatibility with its Amiga ancestor, DigiBooster Pro 2. On the other hand the program code has been written from scratch. Its modular design gives it a straightforward path for future development. Except for versions for classic Amiga computers, DigiBooster 3 is also compiled for PowerPC processors, taking advantage of their greater computing power. Features: - High quality audio engine, 24 bits, up to 192 kHz. - Backward compatiblity with DigiBooster Pro 2.x.

- MUI based interface, dynamically adapts itself to the screen size. - Opensourced replayer code, portable also for non-Amiga systems.
- All sound effects are executed in single step mode. - Single step auto-synchronisation to the module tempo.
- Highly configurable.
- ARexx port offering full control of the program from scripts.

DigiBooster 3 requirements:
Minimum: MorphOS 2.7, Harddrive, 128 MB RAM.
Recommended: AHI compatible soundcard, +500 MHz processor.
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