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Hollywood is a multimedia-oriented programming language that can be used to create graphical applications very easily. It was designed with the paradigm to make software creation as easy as possible in mind. Thus, Hollywood is suited for beginners and advanced users alike. Hollywood comes with an extensive function library (encompassing almost 700 different commands) that simplifies the creation of games, presentations, and applications, to a great extent. It has been in development since 2002 and hence is today a very mature and stable software package.

One of the highlights of Hollywood is its inbuilt cross-compiler which can be used to deploy software on many different platforms without having to change a single line of the code. The cross-compiler can compile for all platforms from any platform Hollywood is running on. For instance, you can compile Mac OS X application bundles using the Windows version of Hollywood. There is even an optional add-on that can convert Hollywood applets into stand-alone APKs for release on Android! Android development has never been so easy!

Hollywood is a light-weight, but still powerful programming language that is just about two megabytes in size and does not require any external components. Hence, it is ideal for creating programs which run right out of the box. In fact, Hollywood programs will run perfectly from an USB flash drive without any prior installation whatsoever. The following platform architectures are currently supported by Hollywood:

- AmigaOS 3 (m68k)
- AmigaOS 4 (ppc)
- Android (arm)
- AROS (x86)
- Linux (arm)
- Linux (x86)
- Linux (ppc)
- Mac OS X (x86)
- Mac OS X (ppc)
- MorphOS (ppc)
- WarpOS (m68k/ppc)
- Windows (x86)

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